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Q:  I bought a dining room table and chairs that are wrought iron and are painted white with white fabric on the cushions with blue coral. It is a rectangular table with 6 chairs. The designer that sold me them said that it was shabby chic. The chairs have  a shell design back and the table has a shell design at the base in the middle. The fabric on the chairs is indoor fabric. I bought the table and loved the look but am not sure if it is ok to use in my dining room. The house is in Palm Beach, Fla. and has saltillo tile on the floor. Do you think it is ok to use this table inside and if so should I use a rug under it or put felt on the bottom of the chairs.  I keep worrying about it.        –C.F.


A:   The dining set is an outdoor set!  Since you’re in Florida – I think it’s a cool idea to use it inside.  I’ll assume the chairs are somewhat heavy since they’re iron – I would definitely put a thick felt pad underneath the chair legs and table. 

example of saltillo tile

example of saltillo tile

 You had mentioned the possibility of putting an area rug underneath your dining set but a  potential problem with that may be that the chair’s weight would drag the rug when you move the chairs under the table.    Definately give the felt pads a shot because it’s an inexpensive solution and saltillo tile is too beautiful to cover.

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