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tactful vs. tasteful

Q:  My husband has really bad taste and we are at odds about what family room furniture to get. What can I do to get him to like what I like? I’m at the point where I’m about to go and order the things I want without him so the room gets done and looks tasteful.   

A:  Ouch. Choosing furniture is turning you into one crazy bitch!  Take a deep breath.   

I will say that I have a bit less trouble in this departement because as the designer, I’m the neutral party who listens to the client’s wants, needs, likes and dislikes to establish the total vision of the room. Since there is no middle person here to diffuse emotions and because everyone is entitled to have their own style and taste represented in their home – you are going to have to find a middle ground all on your own.  Coming out and telling your spouse that they have questionable taste or that their ideas are terrible, will most likely make them push harder for what they want and things will get nasty. Why? Because you are being a bully.       

I have a husband, I know what it’s like. In fact, I bet my husband and your husband like the same style: The I Don’t Care How Ugly It Is I Just Want It To Recline Style.  If that’s the case you’re in for an uphill battle, my dear: we still have two plastic outdoor chairs in our family room instead of the sofa we can’t decide on…   

Anyway, think about the features you like about the sofas you tend towards and make a list. Have your spouse do the same. I’m pretty sure if you itemize the features that make up the style you like, you can put yours and his together and find a compromise.   




Compromise - Transitional Style

Another idea: traditonal furniture with modern twist… although this one is a bit crazy.    


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