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Q:  I have a very voluminous dining room with a super tall wall of 13′-0″h.  The ceiling angles down from that height across to the opposite wall which is 8′-0″ high.  My problem is that I never noticed how bare and obnoxious that huge wall was until I saw photos from a party we had recently.  Help! I have no idea what do with a 13′ high x 16′ wide  wall.   -N.K.


A:    It’s much easier to put ‘stuff’ up in a room that’s got 8′-0″ or 9′-0″ flat ceilings, but a room with a tall wall and an angled ceiling… this is going to be fun!  I’d think about putting several ‘layers’ of things up on the wall –  items that are higher up than others.  I’d suggest something larger like 24 x 36 or larger in a nice chunky frame.  … but not too high – you don’t want it to feel like the wall is looming over you or have to have your eyes travel up, up, up to see what the frick is up near the ceiling.

What I’ve doodled below are two thoughts.  The first shows two very large squares (which represent art) placed about 36″ above the floor.  This art is about 60″h x 48″w,  and in relation to my boyfriend I’ve drawn in, is placed higher than you’d normally hang art. (My boyfriend is 6′-0″, btw).  This doodle shows a very basic way to fill up the wall. If it works for you – do it, but it’s boring and your friends will talk about how boring you still are behind your back after your next party.

The second doodle is a more interesting display and gives the wall a different feel.  I’ve shown three average sized pieces of art (36″h x 24″w) resting on a long ledge(s) placed again at about 36″ above the floor.  Above that, is a long piece (or several pieces) of art. My six foot tall boyfriend has stepped out of the room so you won’t be distracted by his handsome…ness. Whatever. This example works better to me because the height of the wall is broken up by horizontal lines. (Hmmm, where have I heard that before…)  It doesn’t look like a vast wall with two massive pictures on it.

I’m showing larger, framed pieces and not a lot of little things because that would make the wall look like a busy collection of odds and ends.  You want the space to feel elegant and planned out – not like you threw things up there willy nilly. 

Check out for prints of all kinds and there are several places to check out for picture ledges – Pottery Barn, West Elm  and  Crate and Barrel  to name a few. This isn’t the end all be all, but I hope it gives you a direction to go in.

Any other suggestions – let me know!!


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