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Spice it up. With a spice rack.

There’s a spot in your kitchen that offers a lot of extra storage and I bet you’re not even using it. It’s the space above your countertop but below the upper cabinets – 1970's spice rackthe backsplash. 

When I was a kid my mom had that typical 1970’s plastic spice rack up on the wall, and if that’s the first image that pops up in your head, you will be happy to know they still make it. However, I’m thinking of backsplash accessories that are cool, sleek and a whole lot better looking.


 At a very resonable price point is the Ikea Grundtal system.   



Most of the kitchen backsplash systems start with a rod that allows many different accessories to be mounted on or hung from them.  As you can see here, Ikea offers a pretty cool metal spice rack… along with a paper towel holder, a dish drainer, hooks to hold just about anything and even a utensil cup – all hang from the mounted bar.    Ikea also has two other series, that don’t seem to offer as much.





PB st stl


Pottery Barn offers stainless steel kitchen accessories that are mounted directly in the wall.  I like them and want them primarily because Pottery Barn has such good photos in their catalogues.




magic loc1


Another place I looked into is the Container Store.  I figured they’d have something cool – this is the store to go to for organization. I am so disappointed.  And not about their usual crazy ass prices, I’m disappointed because their system uses suction cups. The suction cups can hold to a non porous surface (tile, glass, etc) for at least 6 months when ‘properly installed’. I believe the max weight limit is 7 lbs. Lame. I didn’t even feel like checking  the prices after that. 


When you need any kind of architectural hardware, Hafele is the place to go.  That includes anything kitchen.  Along the same lines of the Ikea system, Hafele offers the Linero Backsplash System.  It is definitely more expensive, but has a sleeker high end look. Check it out at the Kitchen Accessories website – pricing aswell as other lines are offered.


  I investigated some kitchens and kitchen products from England (because I just like to, okay?)

 surry kitchen


…and noticed that if you wanted a backsplash system over there, this is the best you can do:

 multi kitchen dispenser





I’m kidding.  (that would be saran wrap and foil in the cubbies above the paper towels… fancy.)


So now you’ve cleared up some space in a cabinet or two… or even a drawer or counter space by adding a backsplash system! 

If you’ve seen any other ideas for backsplash storage, let me know! I’d love to post them…


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